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What Is Your Experience Working With Developers?

Is your vision of home a beautiful, custom-built estate erected on your own plot of land? Or maybe you're an investor interested in flipping custom homes? Either way, building a house from the ground-up comes with numerous attractions, including detailed personalization and control over every feature that goes into the property –– but finding the right plot of land can be a tricky business. 

That's why it's crucial to work with a trained, experienced agent who you can trust to guide you through the process. Anne Dresser Kocur is a skilled agent who understands the extent of what's involved and has her finger on the pulse of the local market.

Trekking blindly into land development can lead to unforeseen complications that could rack up additional expenses. Anne has established a robust network that can facilitate integral relationships and connect you with trusted contacts who specialize in development! 

What Anne Can Do For You

A results-oriented realtor in the Denver area with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Anne has cultivated a prestigious and sophisticated network of home builders within the community. If you're interested in finding your dream home in new construction or designing a custom build from the ground-up, Anne is the type of realtor you want on your side. 

Throughout her decades in the business, Anne has worked with a wide range of national home and custom builders. She excels at breaking down the building process to the basic building blocks to ensure her clients can make smart, informed decisions. Anne is a consummate professional who will always give you her honest opinion. She is happy to help you turn your dream home into a reality by choosing the right floor plan, personalizing custom design features, and much more.  

She negotiates on her buyer’s behalf to secure the best contract price and then follows through by assisting them with the purchase contract process. When you work with Anne, you'll be part of an integral, experienced team that will support you throughout the construction process and beyond.   

Experience & Exceptional Service

A high-touch broker known for her extensive market knowledge and unmatched client devotion, Anne is the best person to have on your team. As a testament to her passion and ambition, Anne works diligently 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure she will get you to the closing table successfully.

Anne's decades of experience mean she has in-depth expertise in building knowledge, zoning restrictions, and local land laws. Having carved out a niche for herself within the Denver real estate community, Anne can offer you exceptional connections and resources that you won't find elsewhere. Developers choose to work with Anne over her competitors because her laudable reputation precedes her.  

Anne is well known in the community for her vast knowledge of the building process. Her connections with developers and her ability to get the deal closed are just a few of the ways her clients can benefit from hiring her to get the job done. 

She works with her clients throughout each step of the process, researching the area to find the perfect construction builder, discussing future projects with the locals, and conducting onsite meetings with the developers.  

When it comes to home and land development, money is a significant factor, and it's easy to find yourself racking up unforeseen costs. Devoted to your needs first and foremost, Anne offers another layer of protection to ensure your assets remain protected. Purchasing property is a significant financial decision regardless of how you look at it. Whether this is your first purchase or you're an experienced buyer, Anne respects your budget and lifestyle. 

If you’re ready to take the first step in the development process, contact Anne today!

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The Denver real estate market continues to change, but we remain the same- dedicated and determined to go above and beyond to meet all your real estate needs.