When is the Best Time of Year to Sell Your Denver Area Home?

When is the Best Time of Year to Sell Your Denver Area Home?

  • Anne Dresser Kocur
  • 02/9/23

Local market conditions, buyer and agent motivations, and seasonality affect the optimal timing for a successful home sale. Seller motivations impact a sale’s timing as well, although both those interested in a speedy sale and a high-priced sale should aim to list in March. To plan out your sale of Castle Pines Village houses, follow the information below.

A look at Denver

Denver home-sellers should know that the city doesn’t often follow the national trends. While it is true that, nationwide, listing a home in March would lead to closing in June, in Denver it is likely that it would close within 30 days — sometime in April. Your best resource for getting to know the Denver market is to partner with a local real estate agent, like Anne Dresser Kocur, who has the experience and up-to-date knowledge to help you successfully sell your Denver home.

Market trends

Another factor impacting the best time to sell is local market trends. Ideally, sellers should aim to list in a seller’s market or when inventory is low to meet buyer demand. Sellers can gauge whether they’re in an advantageous market by monitoring aspects like the months’ supply of inventory, how many days the average home stays on the market, and how quickly home prices are increasing.

Sellers should try avoiding a buyer’s market, when inventory exceeds buyer demand. Sellers who must sell in a buyer’s market have less negotiating power with buyers due to reduced demand and increased competition with other sellers and often sell their properties for less. Days on market tend to be longer, meaning that a home sale will take longer, and sellers may receive fewer offers for their property.

For areas like Greenwood Village and Castle Pines Village, the local market is cooling but still leans in sellers’ favor. Although the number of sold listings is on the decline, the median sales price has increased and is high in desirable areas like Greenwood Village. The monthly supply of inventory is 1.8 months for single-family homes and 1.1 months for townhouses and condos, which is well under balanced conditions of four to six months. Denver sellers interested in listing may want to do so soon.

Calendar considerations

Specific months and days of the year can also impact the best time for sellers. Those interested in selling their Castle Pines Village homes should stick to the spring and summer months between March and August, as sellers tend to secure the highest premium in those months. Sellers earn the lowest premiums when selling in October through December.

The best day to list a home is on Thursday, as properties listed on this day had the best sale prices. Additionally, listing on Thursday gives interested buyers enough time to find your listing and plan a home showing while the listing remains fresh to the public. Sellers should avoid listing on the weekends or Mondays, as many buyers already have plans in place and won’t be checking properties. Additionally, homes listed at the beginning of the week may get lost in the traffic of the following days.

Selling in the warm season

Seasonality has a large impact on acquiring a sale, especially in areas around townhomes in Greenwood Village that experience seasonal weather patterns. As nature begins to bloom in spring and buyers re-enter the housing market for the new sales season, sellers who list in spring benefit from higher demand and increased curb appeal. Sellers can expect to receive more offers faster and attract serious buyers interested in closing on a deal before the end of the summer. However, there will also be more inventory in spring, which can offset buyer competition.

A summer sale can also be good for sellers, as warm weather makes it easier and more pleasant to view homes. With the spring frenzy over, sellers can expect less competition and more attention from buyers eager to close on a home offer. However, with the height of the selling season over, sellers may have to negotiate more with buyers.

Selling in the cool season

Planning for a fall sale can come with an additional set of circumstances to work around, especially as cooler weather starts creeping in. Sellers may have to dedicate more time to landscaping maintenance as plants go dormant, while decreasing buyer demand can make it difficult to sell quickly. Buyers searching in the fall are more likely to be interested in negotiating the sales price, which results in lower home sales for sellers.

Sellers should avoid winter, as seasonal weather like rain, snow, and general cold discourage and hinder buyers from attending home showings, preparing for a move, and more. Although less inventory on the market means your home will show up in searches more frequently, given the lack of buyer competition, the offers you receive may be few or low-priced. Sellers will have to negotiate and be patient if personal factors push them to sell in winter.

Ready to sell your Denver home?

There’s plenty to consider when timing the sale of your Denver home, from local trends in the real estate market, to specific months and days, to the impact of seasonal weather on a buyer’s search. Those interested in a successful home sale should wait until early spring to take advantage of high buyer interest and favorable weather. If you need help preparing your home to sell, contact trusted local agent Anne Dresser Kocur to guide you through the process.

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