Virtual Tours: The Next Big Thing in Home Selling

Virtual Tours: The Next Big Thing in Home Selling

  • Anne Dresser Kocur
  • 03/1/21
The housing industry has recently undergone a digital transformation, driven by necessity due to the onset of the pandemic and the resulting state-enforced lockdown measures to curb transmission of COVID-19. Virtual home selling via virtual tours is quickly becoming the new norm. In this article, we discuss why all agents and sellers should make this tool a vital part of their home marketing arsenal.

What is included in a virtual house tour?

A virtual house tour is a digital representation of a home using a sequence of images and videos. These allow potential buyers to view it from all angles via a life-like 3D presentation. So, whether buyers are sipping coffee at home or having lunch at a restaurant, they can explore a home extensively without having to be there in person.
Different types of virtual tours include video tours, 360 tours, and floor plan tours.

Why you should offer virtual house tours

  • They attract more buyers. There’s a reason why nearly 80% of buyers prefer sellers offering interactive 3D tours over those with only a few photos. Real estate virtual tours allow buyers to have a more immersive experience with a house for sale. This feature gives them as much time as they want to explore it for a clearer idea of what it will be like to live there. Make sure to use only the highest quality photos and videos.
  • They’re efficient and cost-effective. Physical tours can be costly and time-consuming. This is not so with virtual tours as these cut down on time-eating tasks like traveling to and from the area. And since virtual tours keep you safe at home, the health of everyone concerned becomes a benefit on top of incurred savings. You can then focus on other things like setting appointments and studying offers from buyers.
  • They allow tours of unfinished homes. Virtual tours aren’t limited to move-in ready houses. You can also use these to provide tours of unfinished properties or those under renovation. This versatility gives you the chance to get buyers ahead of time, which makes these tools well worth the investment.
  • They increase the number of genuine inquiries. Since buyers have already gotten a preview of the house, you can be sure that most of the inquiries you’ll get are from serious people hoping to strike a deal. This also translates to a higher response rate from follow-ups, essentially boosting your chances of getting a sale with great returns.
  • You can create them without spending a dime. You don’t need to put out a lot of money to create a virtual tour – in fact, you can make them for free. Software like Lapentor, OpenSpace3D, and Marzipano allows you to create 360-degree virtual tours effortlessly and at no cost. If your website runs on WordPress, you can even make them by downloading a free and easy-to-use plugin called WP VR.
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